Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about SoccerStarz? Have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions below

What are SoccerStarz?
SoccerStarz are the only officially licensed mini football figures of the world’s leading clubs and national teams. SoccerStarz are 5cm high, hand-painted and are popular among kids, adults and football fans alike!

What type of SoccerStarz products can I buy?
SoccerStarz are available in foil bags & single figure blister packs. For the 2017 season foil bag, there are 40 top players to collect. These SoccerStarz are available on 4 different collectible bases - yellow, gold, silver & orange. The single figure blister packs mean you can collect your favorite players & teams from our range. We also produce limited edition team packs. More information can be found on the PRODUCTS page.
How many SoccerStarz are there in total?
There are 100’s of SoccerStarz to collect in the entire range. Including figures in Home and Away kits, representing both club and International teams

Are SoccerStarz officially licensed from club sides and national teams?

All SoccerStarz figures are officially licensed and fully endorsed by the football clubs and national federations that we work with. We work very hard to secure licenses from around the world to bring you the best, most popular football figures.

What club sides and international teams do SoccerStarz produce?
SoccerStarz are currently available for 31 Club Sides including 14 Premier League Teams. There are also 9 National Teams, a full list of what is currently available can be found on our CLUB TEAMS and NATIONAL TEAMS pages.

Where can I buy SoccerStarz?
SoccerStarz are available to buy in over 50 countries worldwide. For a full breakdown of our retail partners, please visit our Where to Buy page.

If my SoccerStarz figure is faulty or damaged, what can I do?
We pride ourselves on delivering a product of amazing quality and complaints are extremely rare. However, in the unlikely event you are not happy with your SoccerStarz figure, please contact Please ensure you include images of your faulty product to allow us to assess the damage.

What is included with SoccerStarz products as well as the figure and what is new for the 2017 SoccerStarz range?
For this season, 30 SoccerStarz single figure blister packs include a new mini Top Trumps card. Every mini card will include a SoccerStarz player image with player stats for kids and football fans to play the classic Top Trumps game. Other single figure blister packs include a cross-sell leaflet. Included in the 2017 foil bag is a checklist leaflet for fans to keep track of their collection.

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